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Official Website of Kappa Kappa Psi - Delta Xi Chapter

Current Officers and Active Members

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Current Officers and Members
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Tau Beta Sigma, Gamma Zeta
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Officers 2012-2013
President: Stephanie Marston 
Vice President: A.J. Pence
Secretary: Ethan Platt
Treasurer: Marquis Scott
Historian: Kathleen 
Boyér and Sadie Pile
Alumni Liaison: Christine Tompkins and Grant Saylor-Perkins 
Active Members & Primary Instrument(s)
Jon Kuder, Bassoon
Christine Tompkins, Trumpet
Stephanie Marston, Trombone
Kathleen Boyér, Bass Clarinet
A.J. Pence, Trumpet, Vocal
Nick Donovan, Trumpet
Marquis Scott, Clarinet
Ethan Platt, Euphonium, Vocal
Grant Saylor-Perkins, Euphonium
Kalie Fischer, Flute
Sadie Pile, Flute
Prospective Members
Coming in Fall 2012
Honorary Members
Kate Bergman
Dwayne Bierman
Jeff Bond
Gary McCarty
Judy Rice
Janet Wittkopf
Marie Miller
Ryan Grinter
Tracy Freeze